About Mayland Group

Mayland Group specializes in serving dealers with good products and with good customer service. As one of the leading importers and distributors in Southern California, Mayland Group offers a wide selection of in-stock cabinetry. Giving you the ability to personalize your kitchen with a custom look, without the custom price or lengthy custom lead times.

Mayland Cabinets are one of the fastest growing cabinets in popularity. Not only do they come in a wide range of finishes, but they also come in a wide range of cabinet sizes and accessories to allow any homeowner or builder create a customized kitchen. Mayland cabinets have been designed and built for today's lifestyles and budgets; they are a blend of custom quality features and traditional stock cabinetry to offer you a new alternative choice. We have earned a reputation of excellent craftsmanship progressive design and superior services. Mayland Group a pioneering leader in the industry represents the ultimate in product diversity and trend setting design.Mayland group strongly believes in meeting the goals of our customers and focusing primarily in the accomplishment of them.

Mayland Group does not open to general public and Mayland Cabinets are available nationwide through a network of independent dealers. 

About Mayland Factory

Started in 1988, our factory has grown from one workshop to the present six fully equipped production complexes. What has given Mayland Cabinets its place in the industry? We focus on quality and customer satisfaction by making your experience with us a good one from start to finish. We use hand-picked wood directly from the great Siberian forests and always update our products with the demands of the North American market. Mayland works hard to maintain the balance between quality and cost so you receive a product worth more than your investment.

From the Source

Efficient Design

Top Notch Facilities

The Final Product

Mayland is dedicated to give the
customers exceptional quality of
cabinets which are all made from
Siberian Forests Wood. Russia has
the largest forest reserves in the
world, equivalent to 22 percent of
the world's total forest resources.
All of our wood is hand-picked and
shipped to our factories on logging
trucks. After arrival, it is broken
down on-site and prepared for

By doing all our own processing we
are able to conserve our waste and
recycle any un-used product for
other applications. It also gives us
flexibility in the way we treat our
wood. Mayland Cabinets are built
to stand the test of time. With
incredible durability and strength
that is unparalleled to stock
cabinets that are offered today.
Quality and value come together to
make Mayland Cabinets one of the
best choices on the market now.

Our production facilities use the
latest technology for wood
processing; we have very skilled
employees to ensure that a quality
product is packed and delivered in
a timely manner.

Let us help you bring our product
into your showroom. We have
unlimited color options and surface
text ures. Mayland Cabinet ry is
made to last a lifetime. We have
become one of the most trusted
cabinet suppliers and offer
exceptional quality and style-giving
the best products to our dealers.


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